Saturday, February 14, 2015

Amazing Pastry Dough

Hello – Marhaba to all my dear friends, amazing blogger and lovely followers, I missed you so much, missed visiting your amazing blogs, reading your mouth watering posts, also I miss my followers and reading your comments, and feedback.  

My apology for staying away for so long, sometimes Life put you through many tests, and trails and I thank God, that I am back to blogging and sharing my food and baking with you all… I hope you forgive me for being away for so long.

I need to thank you all being sincere followers, and kept visiting my blog all this time, and  checking my recipes specially the Lebanese Street Kaak  and Homemade Yogurt , which have more than 6000 visits.

I like to share my amazing dough recipe with you ,but to be honest, I don’t measure my ingredients when I am making this dough I use the basic 10 minutes sponge and add the  ingredients to make an amazing dough, sometimes I am short on yogurt I add sour cream but in less than required, sometimes all I have is 2% milk so I use that, sometimes I add olive oil instead of butter, and when I start kneading the dough by hand I can tell if it needs some of this or that... I can feel it in my hands .

I start my recipe by preparing the “10 minutes sponge dough”

For the sponge

2 cups of flour
1 1/2 cups of warm milk - you can use warm water instead
1 tablespoons of yeast (this depends on the amount of flour you are using)
2 tbsps. sugar
Mix well either by hand or in the machine until well combined and let it rest for 10-15 minutes
its okay to leave it more.

For the dough

5 cups of flour
1 cup of full fat yogurt
warm water for kneading in case it requires
2 eggs
½ cup sugar if you are making sweet dough only
1 tsp. of group mahleb (I love the smell of mahleb in the dough)
1 Tsp. – tbsp. of sea salt depends if you are using the dough for savoury or sweet
½ of butter or olive oil
The sponge


Mix all ingredients well to combine ,the dough has a sticky texture, this is how its supposed to be.  Keep kneading until it will form a nice soft dough a bit sticky, I don't recommend adding lots of flour to turn it into a dry and stiff dough, you will not get the same results, and will be hard to work with.
I don’t let it rest to rise, I put it in a freezer bag or a big Tupperware and leave it to rest in the fridge for at least 24 - 48 hours before I use it.
You can take the recipe play with it, add more flavours, spices.  Its an amazing dough for spongy fluffy /brioche texture.  I made lots of braided bread, stuffed it with savoury and sweet flavours.   I hope you will give it a try then share your experience and maybe your photos.  Here is some of the photos using the dough